Animal Therapy

We are able to provide visits from a behaviorally assessed dog for you to enjoy canine company

Pet Service

Animals are known to enhance health and wellbeing to the elderly.  It has been researched that animal lovers tend to display an increased sense of pleasure and reduced agitation in the presence of animals.

If you have a pet, as part of care service we will try to assign you a carer who also enjoys and understands animals.  You will be able to share the pleasure of your special pet together.

​AevaCare is able to organise visits from one of our carers with her dog Tammy.  Tammy is a four year old temperament and behaviourally assessed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel .  Tammy loves nothing better than being spoilt on your lap.

​​We are also able to organise Pets At Therapy (PAT) dog visits for you to have a doggy cuddle or canine companionship as part of our service.


Dear Katherine, just to let you know our residents are very excited to have you and the dogs visit every time and benefits them emotionally and even physically. Thanks again for all your support.

~ Naz M, Lead Activity Coordinator, Healthcare Homes Group